Monday, September 24, 2012

Closing the Dores

You can't judge a book by its cover, but the James Franklin era of Commodore football is the same dull, monotonous read. And not to put too much emphasis on what we'll likely eventually look back on as just another dominating performance over a pretty crappy opponent. But here are a few more observations from the game after the rewatch.
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When contrasting Saturday night's bloodletting against last season's nail biter, the biggest reasons this one went much differently:
  • the running game is hitting on all cylinders. Last year we had the star sitting out because Richt loved him too much. As a result the rushing attack never got its feet under it. This game featured a consistent attack that battered and bruised Vanderbilt from start to finish.
  • Jordan Rodgers was completely contained. Last season he ran effectively and dinked and dunked just enough to keep the Georgia defense off balance. Saturday night he rushed for only 35 yards and netted only 9. Compared to last year when he netted 79, that's a big difference in how things played out.
  • cleaner and more polished. The only thing that would've helped Vandy Saturday night would've been miscues and trick plays. That is what helped them stay in the game last year. But Georgia is smoother around the edges and polished in all areas. So much so that even a successful trick play would've only delayed the inevitable.
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Now it's on to lil Dools and the all pass, all HillBilly attack.

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