Saturday, September 15, 2012

FAU - what to look for

Tonight we get the worst team on the schedule, without question. Here's what I'm looking for from my perch in Sanford's south side.
  • reserve players. I want to see them early and often. Because that would mean we came out with a high level of urgency and some reckless abandon. Maybe even some bad intentions. Let's get Murray's arm, Jarvis' motor, Gurley's legs and Motel 6's bulk working early.
  • some kicking confidence. Heard Morgan mention that the timing hasn't been consistent between the snap, hold and kick. With the bulk of our SEC East play staring us in the face we need to get this down tight.
  • OL blocking confidence. This group is going to gel and get on solid ground. I'm sure of it. The question is when. This FAU defensive front is undersized for the most part. Would love to see some pancakes out there to boost the morale for Coach Friend's unit.
  • clean up the laundry. Against Buffalo we saw a very disciplined football team. Last week in a hostile environment, not so much. There's no reason to get jumpy here. Settle in and don't move the line of scrimmage backwards for free.
  • an energetic crowd. Despite all of the issues and arguments, I've come to expect empty seats unfortunately. But I hope the atmosphere has some electricity in it. If that sense of urgency is there for the players then it should overflow into the stands. Some sacks, turnovers and big gains should set the tone nicely. It's up to the rest of us to follow suit.
  • Keith Marshall. Open that engine up kid and let's see what you got.
Have a great day!

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