Thursday, September 20, 2012

Follow up on Murray

Didn't quite finish my post on Coach Bobo and the offense as I had planned. I'll have it ready tomorrow. But as a follow up to yesterday, I wanted to share this piece ($) by David Ching on how Georgia has re-developed a vertical passing attack.
“If you have a quarterback that you have enough confidence to drop back and sling it, you’ve got a chance to make some big plays. We do like a vertical passing game,” Richt said. “There’s a lot of people that love to throw it sideways a lot, and we’ll throw it a little bit sideways here and there, but we want to get it down the field. And if we get some matchups that we like to go deep, we will.” 

Through three games, Murray and the Bulldogs have already utilized the deep ball effectively -- an area where he excelled as a freshman in 2010, but regressed last season. 

According to ESPN Stats and Information, Murray is 11-for-20 (55 percent) for 429 yards and three touchdowns on throws of 20 or more yards this season, with an average of 21.5 yards per attempt. 
Fifty-five percent is insane, regardless of the opponents. Considering this was a part of the offense that was missing last season (just a 28% completion percentage) this bodes well moving forward. There were numerous times last year that even though a deep ball was caught, if the throw had been better it would've gone for more yards or even for points. Part of that probably had to do with getting used to life without AJ Green. But as I mentioned yesterday, it's clear Murray feels quite comfortable with his receivers this season. 

Sure hope to see more as the season progresses.


JaxDawg05 said...

Feeling comfortable with the WR core and confidence in the OL makes a good QB great and a great QB a legend.

Joe Schmoe said...

Yeah, I think a lot of Murray's lack of accuracy especially on the vertical passing plays that take a while to develop was the thought lingering in his mind that he was about to get blasted due to our poor protection (a reasonable concern given how many times he was hit and sacked last year). It caused him to get happy when he had to sit back there and wait for the play to develop and diminished his accuracy.

dawgontap said...

On the other hand...if we started having guys stop dropping around 5 or 6 passes per game, his overall % would be better. I'm sure the WRs would agree with me.