Thursday, September 27, 2012

Four games in: the highlights

After yesterday, here are some of the bright spots and surprises that I have rattling around in my head:
  • Marlon Brown. On a squad that has been spreading the ball around a lot, he's second on the team in receptions with 16 and 3rd in yardage with 264. He has three touchdowns already and has been been really good at creating extra yardage after the catch. He nearly broke a long one for another touchdown Saturday against Vandy. He also had one that nearly broke against Mizzou. And you just know he's ready to go off on the Vols.
  • Gurley. Not so much of a surprise as we expected him to be good. But in all honesty, he's been better than that. With his size and speed, he's a great complement to Marshall. But he's also the type of back that can carry the bulk of the load if necessary. Especially now that his protection skills have developed so quickly.
  • Defensive depth. The suspensions concerned us. But the defense has not only held up admirably, they've shown us that it's not just the starters that are coming to the games ready to play. Amarlo Herrera especially has been magnificent. Personally, I would be surprised if Tree starts Saturday with the way Herrera has been playing.
  • Defensive line. Like Gurley, not a surprise. They are one of the more experienced and largest in the nation. And they walk the walk as well. Twenty-nine tackles for loss in four games. They're both eating space and penetrating into the backfield regularly.
  • Aaron Murray has been a huge bright spot. He's complemented his early tenure with great field awareness, better decision making (as amazing as his 12/12 start was against Vandy, his best pass was the one he threw out of the back of the endzone when everything was covered), improved footwork and a hard-nosed edge in leadership.
I really wanted to throw the offensive line a bone as well, but I'll wait until later in the season once everything is clicking. But they have made great strides thus far. Other than that, what did I miss? What has caught your eye?

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Dawgmjs said...

Regarding Gurley and Marshall, I see Hampton and Worley. Atleast, I hope so.