Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Four games in: the questions

The opponents have clearly been outmatched. And 4-0 is a very nice perch from which to evaluate things. However, the task ahead is still daunting. Here are some questions/concerns as we head into the bulkhead of the schedule.
  • Now that the "suspension era" is over, how will the defense look? As good as Tree and Rambo are, there is sure to be a lot of rust. With Jarvis grabbing plenty of attention Tree stands poised to reap the rewards. But Herrera has proven to be more than ready. If Rambo can step right in, it sure would help moving Commings back down to his natural spot.
  • While on topic, can the team stay away from mid season distractions? Are all scooters  accompanied by proper registration and parked away from alleys? Can every campus party clearly identify which plate has brownies and which one has THE brownies? Can the maturity level OFF the field match the level we've seen thus far ON it? 
  • Who's the #2 quarterback? Were the coaches sending LeMay a message Saturday? There's no doubt that Mason would pull off the redshirt if something were to happen to Murray. But that nightmarish scenario opens up a motherload of variables and what ifs. Be nice to know who the backup actually is.
  • How's the East shaping up? Might be a little clearer and less grainy than it was four weeks ago, but the picture is about the same. The South Carolina game still looms as large as it has for months. But all three teams (Georgia, USCe and Florida) still have a lot to prove. The upside for Dawg fans is that Carolina is a little beat up and the Gators QB is still a couple bad throws away from being in a full fledged controversy, again.
  • Does late game focus translate to mid/late season focus? Richt and McGarity have done a terrific job overhauling the S&C staff. You could smell its impact last season. In 2012 you can readily see it. It has lead to an intensity that lasts for a full four quarters. The hope is that the surprise collapse during a game unexpectedly is also a memory. Tennessee has played that role before. Even in Sanford. At night.
All in all not a bad list of questions. Much better than after last year's S. Carolina game. In your view, what'd I miss?


dixie normus said...

Kicking game. Can we rely on morgan to hit the 40+ yarders that we're sure to need against our bigger opponents? He drilled two big kicks against Mizzou. But will that carry over to UTK, USCe, and UF? Also, can Barber continue to be the field flipper he's been so far? And props go out to special teams coverage so far this year (knock on wood).

Bernie said...

Great point. The kicking coverage has been really good. I don't remember if it was Jamie Lindley or Morgan, but there was one kickoff that went four yards deep in the endzone and carried the returner all the way to the sideline.

I think Morgan settles in nicely on FGs and XPs, hopefully soon. He and Richt are pretty tight. I would expect Richt to give him plenty of leash.