Saturday, September 29, 2012

Georgia-Tennessee, what to look for

Once again, here's a collection of my pre-game thoughts. 
  • I think Rambo plays. I think he's screwing with people. My reasoning is this: he was expected back this week, if he had tested positive for anything stronger than a Red Bull he'd be long gone by now, and surely he's not dumb enough to skip a class this week or something. Surely. I think he plays.
  • Moving on...Intensity needs to match what we had for Vanderbilt and then the knob needs to be turned up. This goes for fans and players alike. I don't anticipate any problems here. At all.
  • Abry Jones' ankle. He rested much of the week in practice. If he's even 80-90% it will go a long way towards completing the first objective of the game...
  • ...Pass rush. Everyone agrees that this is the key to the game for Georgia. A harried and hurried Bray is no more dangerous than his own Sea Doo on an empty tank of gas.
  • Offensive consistency. I just keep getting the feeling that the more comfortable Bobo gets with his offensive line and his freshman RBs in protection, the more comfortable he will feel opening things up. Let's pistol whip them into submission and then strap on the hobnail boots for old times sake.
  • Defensive substitutions. This will be interesting to watch since we're getting Tree and Rambo (see first bullet) back as former starters. I would anticipate Rambo starting this afternoon. Probably Tree as well. But if Tennessee is able to score enough points to keep a lead and/or stay in the game late, having a deep, fresh front seven should turn the game in our favor.
  • Snap. Hold. Kick!
  • If....IF the Volunteers are as over-matched as the oddsmakers and pundits believe, how far does Richt go on the scoreboard before tugging back on the leash? 
Truly I don't know about Rambo. It's just a semi-educated guess. If he doesn't play I become a lot more like Munson and a lot less like I was yesterday when I was miserable. Regardless, let's just go out there and win the tailgate as usual. Chances are these HillBillys will be confused (as usual) by the plethora of choices at the coin toss.

GATA. Go Dawgs!

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Jennifer said...

I think Rambo, for an unknown (and in my opinion, inappropriate) reason decided that coming off a four-game suspension was the perfect time to produce his own version of the TV show Punk'd. This both concerns--and annoys--me. The focus should be on the football game; the one that is taking place between UGA and UT and yet... we are talking--because of information that Rambo himself has put out--about whether or not he plays.