Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Harman finds support in Beantown

Former UGA golfer Brian Harman found some unique support this weekend from a starter at the Deutsche Bank Championship.

That's a can of Battlin' Bulldog Beer, a true collector's item. Some of you old timers help me out, but I think these are circa the early 1980's. Hadn't seen one of those in years. The DawgNation never ceases to amaze me.


Bernie said...

I do believe it was right after the Sugar Bowl in 1980 when these first came out,could be wrong !

Bernie said...

Sounds right. Came out after Billy Beer. I had several unopened cans along with all the stuff Coca-Cola made for our NC. My sons have appropriated the Coca-Cola memorabilia. My bride informed me my beer mementos were somehow misplaced during a move. Hmmmmm. Anyway Bulldog Beer created quite a fuss with the LawDawgs!

Bernie said...

Nice catch. Perhaps lawyers should drink more beer and less whine. (I'm kidding, no really...)