Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jarvis struggled, now that's left to his opponents

Terrific article by ESPN's Mark Schlabach on Jarvis Jones and his struggles to overcome adversity earlier in his life. Most of all, losing his older brother when he was 15 and learning to deal with the guilt and anger he felt in the aftermath of Darcell Kitchens' murder.
Jones, who was 15 when his brother was killed, struggled to cope with Kitchens' death. For a long time, Jones was overwhelmed with guilt for not telling his older brother to stay with him on that fateful night.
"It stuck with me for a long time," Jones said. "If I had just stayed there with him, he might still be here. I really struggled with it. It took a toll on me. It killed me inside. I'd completely shut it down emotionally."
And then dealing with doctors after falling to a neck injury during his freshman season at USC.
Jones was a backup linebacker and played special teams for USC during the first eight games of the 2009 season. Against Oregon on Halloween night 2009, Jones collided with a teammate while trying to tackle a Ducks receiver and sprained his neck. USC's doctors told him he suffered from spinal stenosis, a condition that is caused by narrowing of spaces in the spine. It can cause pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots, and paralysis is a rare risk for some people. Jones said he consulted three spinal specialists, who cleared him to play football, but USC wouldn't let him back on the field.
"When I got the call, it was one of the most difficult times in my life," Stephens said. "To just think that the dreams and goals we set for him were possibly not going to come to fruition was very difficult." 
Jones will undoubtedly be the first to say he's been lucky to have the support he's had in overcoming tragedy and setbacks. But it's certainly a tribute to the man in the #29 jersey that he's making so many positive headlines.

Can they just go ahead and vote on the Heisman today?

Damn Good Dawg! 

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Did Jarvis consider signing with Georgia out of high school? I don't remember...