Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Locker Notes - HillBilly Style

via the Anti-orange Page
I was going to wait until next week for the next installment of this, but I see this as a critical game in terms of maintaining focus. So let's hand out some locker notes before the collective IQ in Athens drops too far.

Amarlo Herrera - I can see an SEC Defensive PotW in your future. It's getting closer and closer, just like those ball carriers you've been hunting down.
Aaron Murray - Every hick in orange overalls would rather have you than the Sea Doo bottle tosser.
Artie Lynch - You're wicked good. Their linebackers can't hang.
Shawn Williams - Really enjoying watching you play. Keep it up and show Mr. Patterson a real nice Sanford welcome! 
Marshall Morgan - Deep breath kid. We're behind ya.
Motel 6 - Give this Bray twerp a new tattoo, of your facemask.

Ok, here's a sharpie. Get after it.


BulldogBry said...

Someone should really leave one for Mr. Bray:

Rambo &Tree are back. And BOY are they pissed. Watch yourself.

Dawg Stephen said...

Jarvis Jones-- If you get in there fast enough, this Bray kid will throw it to YOUR team.