Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Locker Notes - Mizzou and #oldmanfootball

If you're new around here, we pull out the locker notes from time to time to get the guys ready for the next game. I start with a few. You can add others in the comments. It's a big week, what with the SEC opener and being in charge of officially welcoming Missouri to their new conference. Let's hand them out.

Jarvis Jones - you're too old for their brand of football, so just play your game and bring the pain.
DickSamIV - I see you doing work out there. Slip out in the open for one of those screens or check downs and you can be gone!
Collin Barber - diggin the hang time. Keep up the good work.
Chris Burnette - let that line follow your example and everything else offensively will fall into place. GATA!
C-Wash - I've heard great things from this summer. Get out there and make SEC Defensive PotW!

Okay, here's a sharpie. Lots more where these came from.


Bernie said...

Hey Bobo...don't suck.

Bernie said...

For Marshall Morgan, if it comes down to a FG to win it, just imagine you have 92000 Georgia fans cheering instead of 60000 paper tigers.

Bernie said...

John Jenkins - make like Bobby Boucher and pretend James Franklin is a giant piece of chicken!