Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday's Meatloaf - a decent, and courageous proposal

I can't seem to put my finger on it, but I've always felt some kind of connection to offensive lineman Chris Burnette. I've never crushed a defensive lineman's ego into the Sanford Stadium turf and I didn't come close to being my high school's salutatorian. But I can say that he and I now share the privilege of having asked our best friends to marry us.

Best wishes to the happy couple. I wish I could also say that I was brave enough to get to one knee and pop the question in front of a congregation and YouTube cameramen. I mean now that he's done that, the actual exchanging of vows should be a piece of cake. But in actuality I barely summoned the courage to form the words for my proposal while sitting in my truck outside the Virginia Welcome Center. Not nearly the drama, but the answer to the question is all that truly matters. Right?

So Mrs. Bernie and I would like to wish Chris and Arielle years and years of happiness. The best is yet to come for y'all, we're sure of it.

Today's Ingredients
- Last week I laid the foundation for what I hope to be an accountability series on giving Coach Bobo some respect. Later this week I'll provide the numbers to finish that foundation, as we draw near to the heart of the schedule.
It's still very early, yes. But by the end of the season we should have something to look back on and make some quality judgments. 
- Speaking of owning our own words, PWD extends a hand to another coach that has taken some criticism.
- Looking back to Saturday, Travis sounds cautiously optimistic. I think Tyler was heading the same direction, but I also think it's safe to type that he's a little giddy.
- Meanwhile, Cranford has just gotta support em with this complete recap.
- And if you like complete recaps, hard to beat what Danny has here.
- Georgia's red zone defense is definitely trending in the right direction, as Blutarsky points out.
- During the rewatch yesterday, Mrs. Bernie was putting the freshman kickers on notice. Instead vineyarddawg aims for the goalposts.
- And right on cue, Kimberley examines the kicking game. As she points out, it's certainly not all on the kickers. But it's gotta get more consistent. Quick.
- Spurrier doesn't throw his visor any longer. But a headset is fair game. And as ecdawg points out, hanging up on the media is becoming par on his course.
- Saturday was a day for some second half meltdowns. And it appears Clemson isn't getting the same results with Brent Venables as they have enjoyed with Chad Morris.
- Lastly, if you're a fan of the tailgate videos Nama produces from his lavish studio, he has found some lost footage from last season. I'll have the preview up tomorrow, then he'll get us that and the Vandyriffic afternoon from this past weekend.

If you've been coming here for awhile you know that these meatloaf posts are the heart and soul of this operation. When I started this little blog the best thing I could come up with to do was to read what those other guys were writing. The more I read the more it made sense to share some of it. Plus back then I thought it would impress my friends that I knew how to "link" another web address within my finely constructed sentences.

Layin' the wood, tailgate style.
They're easily amused. Trust me. And I'm easily amused as well. That's why this "end of the loaf" is devoted to a shout-out for Tanner, Matt and Dustin. Those guys made actual meatloaf for Saturday's tailgate. I think Tanner made it, but they helped dress it up and check temperatures at least. I'm a sucker for a plate of pulled pork and I've never met a pot of collards that wasn't calling my name. But meatloaf has always translated to "home cooked meal" for me. And with Tanner's secret sauce and wife Hillary's "tamato jam", it was some good eats!

Everyone has their own recipe for meatloaf. Mrs. Bernie and the 10yo once even made individual loafs using muffin pans. It's a simple, yet diverse main dish that always hits the spot.

That all being said, if them HillBillys come to town serving up their own meatloaf, please contact the authorities. Once you're south of Chattanooga it's no longer legal nor socially acceptable to serve "varmints" as meals. Yep, one-third of the season is complete. We've only just begun. Don't let up now. Grab a fork and go give Monday a Very Gurley Stiff-arm!


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