Friday, September 21, 2012

Nail the Score! EA Sports NCAA Football 13 contest

If you're an avid gamer that wants a copy of EA Sports NCAA Football 13...AND you think you know what the score of the Georgia-Vandy game will be tomorrow night...I might just be able to hook you up.

All you have to do is comment on this post with your score prediction (BEFORE KICKOFF!!!) and then for tiebreaker purposes also tell me how many yards rushing Todd Gurley will have. Closest to the actual score wins a copy of the game! Easy, right?

And if you don't win, you are still eligible to get a copy of it. Here's the directions for the giveaway Coke Zero is doing all season long.
Each Monday for the first 13 weeks of the college football season, Coke Zero is giving away one copy of EA Sports NCAA Football 13 (XBOX360/PS3) every 13 minutes. That’s 111 copies each Monday – 1,433 copies this season.  
The rules to enter are simple: Follow @CokeZero on Twitter and look for messages including the hashtags #GameOn and #ad as well as the URL Once you retweet the message originating from @CokeZero, you’re entered.


Chad Tomlinson said...

UGA 31 - Vandy 10. Gurley - 115 yards.

Shawn Rhoades said...

UGA 45
Vandy 10

Gurley will have 147 on 16 carries

Ronin said...

UGA 35
Vandy 14

Gurley goes for 118 yards.

Wrangler said...

UGA - 38
Vandy - 17

Gurley 128 yards

newmach1 said...

UGA 45
Vandy 17
Gurley 133 yds

altobari said...

UGA 42
Vandy 9
Gurley rushes for 122 yards.

Stu said...

UGA 45
Todd Gurley has 178 yds rushing.

Chateau Club Dawg said...

UGA 41
VAN 13

Gurley 104

Eric G said...

UGA 42
VU 20

Gurley 97 yards