Thursday, September 6, 2012

Special Teams and the over pursuit

Yesterday I mentioned the this kid for Mizzou named Murphy is a dangerous threat at kick return. Take a look especially at the 3rd highlight in this Top 5 from week one.

In all the trash talk and other discussion about Missouri and Texas A&M joining the SEC, the debate has centered around the question of whether they can live up to the competition week in and week out. In my mind, it's important not to over pursue here and reach beyond what is the reality.

Missouri will have 11 guys on the field just like us. It won't be their 6th SEC game, it'll be their 1st. Georgia might surprise them with depth, talent and speed. But the Tigers stand just as much of a chance to surprise the Dawgs as well. Guys like Marcus Murphy can beat you just as well as Branden Smith can, or a Tavarres King. Southeast Louisiana over pursued Murphy and got burned.

Stay disciplined and don't get burned Dawgs.

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