Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Thoughts - Buffalo

Not as tasty as we had hoped. But a lot of highlights. Even some that didn't involve Todd Gurley.

  • And let's get right to the freshman running back. It was just Buffalo, but it was impressive to see that combination of size and speed. I thought he showed good vision and obviously good instincts on all of his runs. Sometimes you can learn more about a back on a run for minimal gain than you can on 10 yard touchdown run. Bottomline, he's got us pretty excited and he justified a lot of those votes in the poll over there.
  • Other than Gurley, the player that impressed me the most (and maybe even more) was Rantavious Wooten. His adjustment on the touchdown catch was a thing a beauty. Not to mention stretching out for the catch. When it was thrown I thought it was going to be yet another over throw, but he reacted quickly, turned and accelerated enough to be in position to grab it.
  • And let's not overlook Wooten's blocking either. Bobo clearly wanted to try and spring Tavarres King on one of those swing passes. Although it didn't spring him to paydirt, it helped him lead all receivers in yards. A lot of that was due to the downfield blocking. Saw Wooten doing hard work in that department.
  • I thought all the running backs ran well, hard. And the offensive line did well against an undersized Bulls unit. Malcome hurt his hand, not sure what this will mean for this week's preparation.
  • We can has touchbacks y'all!!
  • Appears Theus and Burnette are ok. Malcolm and Marlon didn't play of course. Tree and Rambo officially joined Commings and Vasser on the suspended list. I think it's 50-50 whether they will be held out of the Mizzou game. We'll talk more about this later in the week.
  • Back to the running backs. I think Gurley should start. But he missed a couple blocks, at least one of which lead to a sack. He has the size, and he and Marshall both can get plenty physical. I think it's more a matter of understanding and footwork. Especially on the play actions where they have to sell the run but not get so deep that they're out of position on a wide side rush.
Lastly, question for the fans: was Boo Malcome playing defense when y'all were booing them for giving up yards/points? I was confused and wanted some clarification...