Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Thoughts - on being Easy

Yep. Vandy...they were who we thought they were.

- the Dawgs had played a full game coming into last night, but nothing like what we saw against the Commodores.
- definitely the offensive line's best, most complete game so far. Plenty of holes and great protection. Only one sack by my count.
- Great game for Murray who looked as comfortable running things as I've seen him.
- Can't ask for a better balance on offense. Bobo really had a decent defensive unit off balance all night and had two touchdown drives that started inside our own 20.
- When you can average that many yards per rush it certainly helps. Forty-seven carries for over 300 yards. If I was a smoker I would've needed a cigarette after that kind of performance.
- Every single running back average over 5 yards per carry. Right down to Samuel.
- My only complaint on offense was Lynch's drop (originally I thought it might have been tipped. Maybe someone who watched on tv can say for sure). That's the kind of play call that can take this offense to the next level. On the play action boot Murray had both an open target and plenty of room to run. He chose correctly, Lynch just didn't corral it.
- Meanwhile Vandy never caught any kind of rhythm on offense
- there aren't enough words to describe what the defense was able to do. Vandy only complete 2 of 14 third downs. Just didn't give anything to Vanderbilt without making them earn it.
- Gutty performance by Shawn Williams. Was definitely playing hurt.

Looking forward to watching this one this afternoon. It was a thing of beauty. Although it had to be embarrassing for Coach Franklin, to have his ladies undergarments exposed on national television like that.

But I certainly didn't lose any sleep over it. How bout y'all?


Bulldog Bry said...

Bobo made me sick last night. What with his balanced offense (for the sake of being balanced), spreading it around to different backs and receivers, and his...his...his opening up holes on the line and what not. I don't know how much more I can watch.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm a smoker and I very much enjoyed my first one walking out of Sanford Saturday night! Agreed on pretty much everything you wrote...and great song choice! One of my all-time favs!