Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday thoughts on Tennessee

Holy (crap)! What a game. Unfortunately I'm going to have to keep this short. Coach Richt lost control of our car battery after the game. And then he lost control of traffic on 316. In short, like Sanford's scoreboard, I'm exhausted.

  • Special teams...I wish you were a little less special.
  • So Rambo did indeed play. Like Jennifer pointed out, it was just a silly ruse that came at a time the focus should've been on the game. What's more he showed a good bit of rust. Such as misjudging a pass early and went for an interception he never had a real chance at, leaving an easy play for the Tennessee receiver. Luckily said receiver fell down after the catch instead of scoring.
  • That being said, Rambo's presence helped take away a lot of the deep options for Bray all night.
  • Ogletree on the other hand was spectacular. Made good use of all the attention Jarvis was drawing. Led the team in tackles and had a key pass break up that led to the Damian Swann interception. And nearly had another interception on the razzle dazzle play in the third quarter.
  • Speaking of Swann, he's turning into quite the difference maker at corner.
  • Malcolm Mitchell so loves the Georgia offense he doesn't mind it starting from inside the one yard line. Sounds like McGowan will be the guy going forward.
  • There are a lot of things I worry about when my head hits the pillow at night. But our offense ain't one of them. Gurshall has done a lot to help open things up. We're utilizing every playmaker and position, including our tight ends and fullbacks. It can click on all cylinders before a defense even gets set.
  • But the offensive line, especially Theus, struggled. Most notably in that series of errors in the second quarter. Special teams didn't do the offense any favors with letting the punt roll to the one and whatever the hell happened on the kickoff where Gurley misplayed it horrifically. 
  • How many times did we see a run where Gurley should've been stopped for no gain and ended up getting positive yardage in bunches?
  • The defense...continually got gashed. I wasn't expecting that. We ran a lot of nickel. And we're clearly better against the run when we can go base. But allowing that many yards rushing only helped a good passing team gain momentum.
  • And I thought Bray got better as the game went on. Made good decisions and looked very poised in the pocket. Clearly the best quarterback we'll see all season.
In the end the team can take heart in that on a night when we didn't play a clean game at all, we still came away from the win. A lot of similarities to last season against South Carolina. This time we found a way to pull it out. Offense made the plays and the defense pinned their ears back and got after it.


Chad Tomlinson said...

A lot could be taken away from this game. Overall, had this been last year's team, we would have lost this game. Theus did struggle a couple of times, but he also sealed off the edge a couple of times on some big runs. Ogletree had a bunch of stops, but he also whiffed the tackle on the Patterson TD and the 25 yard run that set up a TD drive, but really I'm not complaining about him. I really think he and Rambo will get better and better the more game action they get, and that could be scary for opposing offenses because Tree is already playing like a beast. Overall I think the D was just worn out by the end of the game. We didn't do them any favors by any means in the 2nd Quarter or the 4th for that matter. We either scored pretty quickly (1st and 3rd quarters), turned it over (2nd quarter), or 3 and out (twice in the 4th quarter and one of those after the missed FG). The real test will come next week. Spurrier is gonna be licking his chops. If we can contain Shaw and keep Lattimore's big runs to a minimum we should be okay. The O-line is gonna be tested.

On a side note, how about the #1 and #4 RB's in the SEC wearing the red and black for a combined 964 yards and 14 TD.

Nick said...

I believe the offensive line did a hell of a job last night, gave up one sack, which was not Theus' fault.... Created holes for the young freshmen to bust through. Agree with everything else except that point, where your wrong

AthensHomerDawg said...

"Overall I think the D was just worn out by the end of the game." True that. I bet they played 6 quarters worth of D!

Bernie said...

I finished most of the rewatch this morning. And you're right, I should've gone back and. Reworded that bit. Offensive line did a great job is pass protect and a good job run blocking. With the playmakers we have, that's easily good enough for 500+ yards and 51 points.