Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Swearinger evading Spurrier's interwebs?

Suspended Gamecock safety DJ Swearinger is trying to voice his displeasure at the consequence that has been levied by the SEC Office. Despite the fact that the Head Cock has banned his players from using Twitter, Swearinger is insistent that his 1st Amendment voice be heard read. Here's what he posted misspelled on Instagram.

Once you get past the mastery DJ has for the English language and the cool background he's chosen for his cute prose, you can't help but see he received quite a few "likes" for his work here. Even before this was copied from his feed, he had 98 positive votes.

But what are they liking?
  • his spelling?
  • his suspension?
  • two hand touch over tackle?
  • the evolution of SEC football into an all aerial league?
  • his apparent youthful jungle-like swagger?
  • or simply his 3G service?*
For my money it is the one masterful sentence in the middle: Football a neva b da same no mo!!! 

Tru dat DJ! Tru dat!

*Yes, I know the 3G service comes from whoever screen-captured his post. I'm familiar with Instagram. But who doesn't like a good cellular data plan joke?

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Dawg19 said...

Is he quoting from "Classic Tales of Brer Rabbit"?