Thursday, September 13, 2012

THE Mizzou Tailgate Video

You saw the preview. Some of you were even there in person. Anyone who spent the weekend around Nama learned what a "dongle" (sp?) is, although its function in life still eludes me.

Well now you get the full picture. From airplane tailgate a yellow drenched Faurot Field. They showed, we filmed. Take it away Namaman!

Kudos to JMac and Chase for their confidence with their predictions. And really Mac was only six points off with a FG added for each team. And another shout-out as well to "Little Joe" for not blowing up our tailgate, literally. 

We'll be back with some more Geritol and bourbon in two years Columbia! You've been warned.


Bernie said...

I was waiting for the" they are SO not SEC ready" footage....good times!

Bernie said...

I personally count on Nama's footage to remind me of half of what happened. I think someone slipped that leaded paint into my solo cup.

Bernie said...

Were they expecting a riot from the drunk and leaded-up Mizzou fans? I don't think I've ever seen Police cavalry at a football game, or any game, in Georgia.

Bernie said...

Nicely done!