Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Two more things from the weekend

This is what happens when I don't sit down and do a Sunday Thoughts post. I forget stuff.

First, congrats to the crowd Saturday night. There were some empties, but for a game against an opponent like FAU I thought it was very well attended. Of course, there weren't many that were still around to see the final score. But to have most everyone ready for the opening kick (with probably a large hat tip to Russ' collar ceremony) was refreshing. Hope we're trending in that direction.

Secondly, if you tried to comment on a post recently and were unable to then I apologize. I always leave the comments open. Somehow the Blogger setting switched back to blog moderators only. I corrected it once it was made known to me. If that kind of blogger nonsense happens again, always feel free to email me - berniedawg  AT  gmail  DOT  com.

Sometimes mysterious things happen on the interwebs. And they don't always involve engiNerds on STINGTALK.

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