Saturday, October 13, 2012

1984 Citrus Bowl - Pulpwood's last stand

Many fans recognize the name Pulpwood as the foul-mouthed chimp that occasionally makes the rounds on the internet before games in the Fall. But for you younger readers that may not be aware, Pulpwood is a living breathing Bulldog legend, unofficially recognized as Georgia's greatest "one hit wonder"

Andre Smith burst onto the scene in Sanford just as quickly as he left it. In 1984 Dooley's Dawgs were facing lots of questions at running back, but had a slew of names trying to answer. The most popular of those was Lars Tate, the celebrated recruit from Indiana. But it was Andre "Pulpwood" Smith that would lead the team in rushing from his fullback position with 665 yards on the season.

Sadly, Smith fell into drugs and was an academic dismissal after just a little over a season's worth of work. He bounced in and out of jail and nearly lost his life before beginning his battle to become clean of his cocaine habit. As of this article early last year he was gaining ground on his addiction, just like he did against Bama so many years ago.

So with that as a premise, I present to you Pulpwood's last ride as a Dawg. It's a bowl game remarkable in many ways. For instance, it was the only meeting between two legendary coaches and it ended in a tie, but only after a 71 yard field goal attempt that barely missed the crossbar. Enjoy.

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Ticklemonster said...

Where has Pulpwood been this season? I have seen any of his posts - at least not listed on dawgbone

Hamp Tanner said...

Dude... Todd Williams was 49.5% with 4 TDs and 10 Ints. You gotta be kidding me.

Hamp Tanner said...

I was at this game seated on the lower level close to the goal line on the end where Butler's 71 yard attempt was literally less than a yard short. It was that close to historic!