Monday, October 1, 2012

A picture's worth a buncha yards!

Lost in all of Gurshall's yards and Bennett's clutchness, was a pretty damned good performance by Georgia's tight ends. Lynch himself lead the team in receiving with 75 yards on three catches. Rome had a beautiful catch on a seam route. 

And Bobo ran what is my favorite play in his playbook. With the way we're gashing teams on the run, that play action rollout is absolute gold. There wasn't a defender within 15 yards of Lynch. He took the pass, shed a tackle and ran for a 38 yard gain well into Tennessee territory. And even if Lynch had been covered, Murray could've tucked it and run for plenty. Every single Vol player went for the fake handoff.

And who could really blame them.

via  Schmelter, R&B

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