Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bulldog Hotline Redux - Carolina

AKA, the episode where at least John in Anderson shows some balls.
John in Anderson has a general comment. Says he's been a long time follower of Georgia football and is a graduate of UGA. In all these years he's never been so embarrassed by a performance. We were beat in all phases of the game. We were out coached and out played. Didn't see the enthusiasm we've seen before from the team. Wonders why that happened. Bobo agrees that it was embarrassing. Did not perform to our best and SC whipped us. Thought we had enthusiasm and practiced hard and were ready to play. But things did not go well early and we just couldn't get momentum back. Says we have to be able to do that as an offense. It was highly disappointing. He's been a Bulldog for a longtime too and says no one is as disappointed as the guys in the locker room that put in the hard work. Knows the fans put a lot of passion into it too. Says the guys are going to go to work and they'll be ready to play. He promises us that much.
There were some critical comments and questions during Grantham's half hour (Richt was unable to come on the show this week*), but all Bobo got were softballs until that exchange between John and our offensive coordinator. And I'm sure everyone who ever tried to match Munson's voice to their satellite signal really commiserates with Garnet. But does it have to be a part of the call in show?

And my gut instinct says Robert in Conyers' question about the record versus ranked opponents was cut off. But hopefully Kevin's post from yesterday can help shed some light on the record Robert was referring to. 

I'll leave the rest of the show's transcript up to your interpretation.

*That might sound convenient, but I think this was planned all along. It was promoted on the georgiadogs.com website that way as early as Sunday. So that's how I'm reading it. You can read between the lines at your own risk.

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