Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bulldog Hotline redux - Florida

The general theme last night was one of congratulations and concern; many pats on the back and atta boys for good measure, then plenty of questions on Murray's struggles to get things going. This one from Steve in Carlton I thought sung a familiar refrain to a tune I've hummed a bit here.
Steve in Carlton is concerned about Murray. Noticed that he doesn’t run the ball as much as he used to. Mentions the illegal forward pass penalty. Looks like he settles down some after he gets a good run. Richt agrees that he used to run more. Remembers being surprised at how successful and how quick he was against the speed of the conference. Made some great plays with his feet, but also missed some opportunities that he didn’t see because he was running out of there too quick. The more he understands the system the more he’ll stand in there and make good throws. That’s part of the reason his passing stats are so high. Had a lot of time thanks to the offensive line. The only thing he said to Murray at halftime was that he has a time clock in his brain and knows when the guy is supposed to be open. Make the 1st, 2nd and 3rd read and then it’s time to throw it away or like Steve said, take off running. What happened was he was often going through his reads and still had time left in the pocket. And then you’re throwing too late or across the field. He got it straightened out in the second half.
That response takes me back a bit, to a time when I recall the coaches saying they are impressed by his running ability but need Murray to trust the play's development. Which begs the question: is he trusting it too much?

Perhaps only Aaron can answer that definitively. But I know I'd like to see both some more designed and improvisational runs from him.

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Bulldog Bry said...

I'm with you. Seems like he's SO concerned about progressions that he's forgotten he can get about 8 yards without breaking a sweat. I mean, we're not saving those plays are we? For whom? BAMA!?!?