Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bulldog Hotline Redux - Tennessee

The topic du jour last night was, of course, not being able to finish off the game at the end. And although most callers hit on it even just a touch, I think this series best explains the coaching mindset at the end of the game.
Jim in Duluth asks how close Richt thinks the offensive line is to leading us out of tough situations and finishing the game in the fourth quarter. Richt says we actually did get off the goal line, but had a turnover after we had moved out of the hole. The situations with the punt that was downed on the one and the kickoff were tough situations. But yes, we do have to be ready for those type things. At least get the space to punt the thing. Now at the end of the game, if we’re going to be dedicated to the run and not risk the pass we just have to line up and maul people. Our offense is predicated on the idea that if they load the box we throw it, if they don’t then we run it. So it is tougher to run the ball when the whole world knows it. You just have to make a decision as to whether it’s worth the risk to pass it. There are times when we have to line up and run it, gotta do a better job because it takes a lot of the drama out of it at the end if we can knock out one more first down and not have to punt and play defense.
Connor in Lexington (a young Dawg calling in!!) asks why we weren’t able to move the ball in the fourth quarter after moving the ball so well all game. Richt reiterates some of the previous answer. Earlier on in the 4th quarter we were trying to move the ball, threw a slant, picked up the blitz and if the receiver had caught it he might have scored. Or at least put us in position to keep the clock going and their offense off the field. So the next time out the coaches just made the decision to not throw the football because it was more important to take the time off the clock. And they were willing to punt again if they had to. Which we did successfully and then the defense made the plays.
During the exchange with the next caller Richt also mentions that the call is his to make as to whether to keep the playbook open or tighten things up. Sounds like after Murray spent the evening carving up the Vol secondary they were willing to keep (safely) winging it some. But got scared out of it after the dropped pass.

It's still a very conservative approach. But, we also had the lead and obviously Richt trusted the defense to rise to the occasion.

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AthensHomerDawg said...

There are too many armchair qb's second guessing CMR, but I'll risk it.
Growing conservative and depending on a very tired and worn down D to
pull our rears outta the fire didn't pan out so well in our last bowl
game. UT ran nearly 90 plays to our 60. Our O was to say the least not
OLD MAN FOOTBALL in the fourth quarter. Four 3 and outs? Did we get 30
yards? And while I am pretending to be a coach: Where was Boo at the
end of the 2nd quarter meltdown? DickSamIV? If we are going to run it up
the gut shouldn't they be in? Or Gurley?