Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Can Georgia go five wide on SC?

As Herbstreit points out, the big focus Saturday will be on how Georgia's offensive line handles Carolina's defensive line.

And as we've seen, Bobo has used more and more of a five wide set as the season has progressed. I think we first saw it against Missouri where it produced a touchdown. Against Tennessee, Murray estimates ($) we saw it five or six times. It again produced a touchdown.

But I'm wondering if we see it at all against South Carolina. For it to work, the decision for where the ball goes would have to be made in a fraction of the time it has taken thus far. I don't think the Gamecocks have the personnel to cover King, Bennett, Brown, Mitchell, and Wooten. Who does really? But having targets to throw to four seconds from the snap of the ball doesn't matter much if your quarterback is on the ground at three.

Mixing this new set with all the others that Bobo employs is dynamic and utilizes all of the talent for that side of the ball. But if we see it Saturday night then it will tell us just how much confidence the coaches have in this young offensive line, as well as Murray's quick decision making.

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