Monday, October 15, 2012

Dawg talkin' with ECDawg

ecdawg and I had a nice discussion last night on where the program is a week after the loss in Columbia as well as how things might play out, specifically in Jacksonville.

It was probably tougher than either of us expected to pinpoint exactly what our feelings are. EC and I are pretty similar in that we like Richt, but because we put the program first we're uneasy with how things looked against South Carolina as well as what this means going forward. I'm anxious to see how the Dawgs look in Lexington, but I am trending optimistic about the WLOCP.

Well, as optimistic as a Georgia fan in 2012 can be about Jacksonville. Hang on tight. More to come.


Nahila said...

Kentucky will play lights out against UGA but they do not have a passing game and UGA defense should have a field day stopping the run, but can UGA be ready to play Florida and even Ole Miss who is coming on strong? m The key is the OL protecting Murray enabling him to complete his passes and can the OL block good defensive teams to open up the running game. Not to mention Ga. tech running game that this now over Hyped UGA defensive line has Shen little fire.

Bernie said...

Agree. Hoping we see more of Beard on the line and that they all get some confidence in Lexington. WLOCP will be another stiff test, maybe not as much as Columbia with Carolina's defensive front but a tall task nonetheless. And yes, Ole Miss ain't an easy out by any means.