Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Eff it Dude, let's go bowling.

I just want to understand this. Every time a rug is micturated upon in this fair city, I have to compensate the owner?

Was on the way to Columbia SC on Friday and we stopped to use a facility's restroom. I happened to be wearing my The Dude Abides t-shirt and a guy smiled and acknowledged how well it tied my outfit together. Turns out he didn't know that The Big Lebowski 2 is in the works. We talked about it for a moment, as I was thankful he wasn't forcing my head into a toilet. And then I rolled on outta there like a tumbleweed...or a bowling ball. 

A few days later and I don't want to talk about what condition my condition is in. Strong men also cry. So it's good timing that the Movie Tavern has The Big Lebowski showing as part of its retro series. I've never seen Bunny paint her toe nails on the big screen, much less Donny's farewell scene.

Check your local listings. It's playing tonight and Thursday. Maybe we can abide together...in the parlance of our times.

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The Dude said...

Bernie, you're out of your element!

Ok seriously, I really hate to be the bearer of bad news here...man...but the news of a second movie was a hoax that multiple media outlets fell for (unless new $hit has come to light). I'm sure you feel the same way I did...this unchecked aggression will not stand...man.