Friday, October 26, 2012

Florida - what to look for

Here's the usual collection of pregame thoughts and observations. At least the ones Sandy hasn't blown away yet.

  • Speaking of which...the weather. How does having a hurricane off shore affect things? Keep a close eye on how much rain Jacksonville gets today and tomorrow prior to kickoff. If things get sloppy, just hope that Muschamp uses all of their timeouts before the waning minutes.
  • Special teams. Florida has been more disciplined and therefore effective in the kicking and coverage game than we have. For instance, we're last in the conference in punt coverage allowing over 13 yards; The Gators are 4th, allowing under two yards. This has to change tomorrow. We have to at least break even with them and protect our field position better than we have thus far.
  • A defensive reaction. It's been a tumultuous few weeks for the defense, capped off by a little controversy the last few days. The first couple offensive series for Florida are the biggest key to this game for Georgia. If they can get a couple stops and at least force a punt, Shawn Williams' words will instantly become a catalyst for movement in the right direction. If they run right through us and score, things could get ugly quick. On and off the field.
  • Punchdrunk gators. If the Dawgs are wondering how their team's defense will respond, the Gator's have to be curious to see how their defense handles Murray and all of the weapons at his disposal. Florida's body of work is probably the most impressive in college football, but they haven't seen a dangerous offense like Georgia's. With all the talk of getting punched in the mouth and how teams' respond, hopefully Bobo bludgeons them with jabs and then a few haymakers for good measure.

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