Thursday, October 25, 2012

Florida...beatable, but not easily

I'm cautiously trending towards optimistic. I don't give us a shot in hell if our usual special teams show up and we don't take care of the football. But Florida hasn't seen an offense with weapons like ours. So that gives me a good dose of hope.

I'll preview things more tomorrow, but for now I wanted to point you to some good previews I've seen and read elsewhere. First of all, Socrates lays out how to stop the Gators' offense...
So UF’s offense can be inconsistent despite being very creative, and if our guys can play good assignment football and recognize those same tendencies and react quickly we can stop UF’s offense and keep the game close.
...and then how to beat their defense.
Our offensive line should hold up well in the running game against the smaller UF front. I would not expect any major runs by our backs, but if we can rush in this game for 150 yards or more, to me, that can be a game changer.
And lastly, ol' Schlabach has the turds on upset alert!

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