Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gator hate week - Tuesday

A classic pic from a classic game. As noted in last night's homework, the 1966 game between Georgia and Florida was one of crushed dreams and false hope for the gators. Spurrier was their soon to be Heisman winner at quarterback, but he was harassed all afternoon by Bill Stanfill and the Dawg pass rush. The future coach would throw three interceptions before it was said and done and as the scoreboard proclaimed the final to be a 27-10 win for Dooley's Dawgs, Spurrier bowed to our supremacy.

For more on the absolute badass that Bill Stanfill was, check out this piece by Earl from a couple years ago. That guy got after it on every play. Steven Orr Spurrier still flinches whenever the defensive lineman's name is mentioned. And it's likely he'll always carry a grudge for Georgia in part due to all of the grass stains #77 put on the gator quarterback's uniform.

Speaking of him...Why does Steve Spurrier wear a visor?

To hide the circumcision marks.

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