Thursday, October 4, 2012

Good analysis and perspective

I've been told by numerous of my tailgate sources that I should be listening to 960 the Ref on Friday mornings when Russ Tanner drops in for an hour of The Morning Show. I've always liked 960 the Ref. Having run out of musical radio options around Atlanta that play actual music worth listening to, I often tune into talk radio or podcasts on my commute. My only problem with 960 is geography, as their signal is outside of my radio dial.

But nowadays, through the power of modern technology and internets, you can stream online. This is what they told me, to which I replied that 8:00 on Friday mornings are pretty busy for me. Being persistent, as they are known to be, they quickly shot back that the shows are archived so that you can listen to them later.

Well, yesterday I pulled one off the 960theRef shelf and listened in. And it's pretty good stuff. Russ is a funny guy and doesn't mind sharing some stories. Like the one where after losing a game Richt had to intervene after practice one day and tell Van Gorder he had run his defense long enough.

Y'all know by now I love listening to people talk about the Dawgs as much as I love reading about them. So just wanted to pass this one along. I found it under Audio Archives/The Morning Show Audio Archives

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