Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kentucky - what to look for

Finally. It's finally the day we can take a step away from that travesty in Columbia. It's been stuck squarely in our craw for two weeks. It won't likely remove itself completely for some time. But tonight we actually get to focus on something else.

And this matchup against Kentucky should provide plenty to cheer for on the field. I'm sure there's some people who will just sit there casually and say things like "Of course we're winning, it's the worst team in the conference." And they're right, but for the rest of us who aren't completely full of piss and vinegar, we should have a good time.
Even Ashley knows what's up. (h/t BassinDawg)
  • The Wildcats are not only dealing with the fact that they are undersized and not as talented as their conference compatriots. They are also dealing with an injury riddled season that has freshmen playing prominent roles on the team. Many of them. Their secondary resembles a pre-K playground. Their quarterback has gone from his high school lunchroom to the SEC feeding table in a few short months. That's like learning to drive a go-cart and then suddenly being behind the wheel of a semi on I-285 during rush hour in Atlanta. If I didn't want to beat them into oblivion so much I'd actually feel sorry for this team. They're pathetic.
  • Jarvis will be on the sideline. All night.
  • There's been word out of practice this week that Mark Beard has been working more at left tackle. I think we see some of that tonight, but I would expect Gates to still start there. Next week could be a different story however.
  • It's been a few weeks since Marshall Morgan has attempted a field goal. Would be nice to see a late first half drive across mid field to set one up.
  • But other than that I expect to see a lot of touchdowns. Like at least eight. If Bobo wanted "momentum" during the SC game, he should have it neat or over ice or both, anyway way he wants it.
  • And while he's at it, I think he should throw some wrinkles in there. Show Gurshall in the slot just for kicks and giggles. Hell, put Malcolm Mitchell in the "Wild Dawg" just to get Muschamp's head to spin a little.
  • Defensively is where the lights should go completely out. Jordan Jenkins should go off and our secondary should have a feast. One thing to watch for, Damian Swann is now ahead of Branden Smith on the depth chart. Would love to see him get a pick six after their QB Whitlow throws a gimme with Kwame's hand in his face.
  • Against the run I want to see our defensive ends force backfield adjustments by the ball carrier. This Kentucky team shouldn't even threaten to score. If they get more than one first down Grantham should make wholesale subs.
  • Kentucky's punter should be their MVP heading into the 4th quarter when suddenly Deas gets another block.
  • Overall, I just want to see us put this game away early and then see a lot of the backups. If Murray sits most of the second half I'll be happy. 
Ok, I know some of you are saying to yourself "But this is the same Kentucky team that had South Carolina down 17-7." Well, no. They're not the same team. The Gamecocks avoided a trap game because Kentucky is so bad. And the team we're going to see tonight is a shell of the one that put a scare in the chickens.

Seriously, injuries, youth and lack of talent have long sealed the Wildcats' fate in 2012. Joker ain't laughed in months.

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