Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday's Meatloaf - Facts of Life

You take the good, you take the bad. You take em both and there you have the facts of life.

I've got a little rant that just won't stop eating at me until I get it out. If this offends you, good. Cuz then you are one of the dipshits I'm talking about.

Don't mind me Dawg. All I do is win.
 But first, the good. The fans the last couple games have been fantastic. Pretty much everyone is in their seat ready to go before game time. The stadium is loud and rocking. Opponents are clearly affected by the noise. The band is cranked up and the students are fully engaged and absolutely bonkers. Worse than bonkers. It's been awesome!

However, a good number of you embarrassed me the other night. With all the glory UGA athletes brought to London England this summer, some of you chose to stay seated when they were recognized on the field. Seriously? If there's anything that would justify a standing ovation I would think it would be representing your country AND your university on a world wide stage. Yet some of you can't get your fat, greedy and gluttonous faces out of your cup of Dippin' Dots long enough to get up off of your assholes and clap for Reese Hoffa. You'd rather check your phone and update your worthless BookFace status "Hey y'all I'm at Sanford Stadium and Samantha was all like let's get some Dippin' Dots and I said sure and I think DJ Shockley just ran for a touchdown thingie!!!" instead of showing Allison Schmitt some appreciation for swimming her ass off against competitors around the freakin' globe and bringing home a bronze, a silver and THREE GOLD medals.

By all means, don't let us disturb the conversation you have going about how crowded the mens bathroom was on the way in. Please, just sit there and save your precious energy for tomorrow when you have a spinning class at the gym. I mean all these kids did was to train FOR YEARS and dedicate THEIR LIVES to wear the red, white and blue proudly and with honor. If I'm clapping too loud I apologize...for caring and having a little heart.


Today's Ingredients
- And as Groo points out in his recap, Vreeland's recognition had bad timing. but still. C'mon people.
Some more thoughts on the Tennessee game over at The Grit Tree; Ed Thomas revisits his keys to the game; Tyler answers his three questions; and GenX gives some shout-outs as well.
Swann, gettin' after it!
- Fallout in Knoxville: lil Dools wants to shore up the run defense. Not facing "Gurshall" again can't hurt that effort.
- I really thought I would be okay with Malcolm Mitchell returning to defense full time. But maybe we still need him in the secondary. Travis wonders the same thing.
- Or maybe Swann should just have a more prominent role. Dude got UP!
- Looking ahead, Weiszer gets us ready for a week leading up to a huge showdown in Columbia.
- cocknfire recaps Saturday's win in Lexington for the Gamecocks.
- And in this chapter of how irrelevant my role in the kitchen is becoming, a shout-out to Mrs. Bernie for the meatloaf she made last week. Best I've had in a long, long time. Including all of my previous, seemingly miserable attempts.

Not all facts are as easy to grasp though. Such as whether the Georgia defense just isn't as good as we thought or if Tennessee's offense was much better than expected. I know that for me it was mostly the latter. I didn't expect Bray to be protected that well (although we seemed content to allow it more than expected too). But regardless, they opened up holes and kept their quarterback upright and clean for about 57 minutes.
Grown Man Football Mrs. G!

In fact, if Bray hits Justin Hunter on a couple passes that were off the mark and/or Patterson doesn't crap his pants when he was wide open, today might have even more doom to go with the gloom.

Still, I keep coming back to another fact: as late as last season, this is a game we lose. Finding a way to win ugly games and overcome your own misfortunes and mistakes is an important step between an average team and a good team. Then, between a good team and a great team. I don't know if we're a great team yet. But winning Saturday night leaves that door open as a definite possibility. Shore up the special teams' comedy of errors and get back to actually tackling ball carriers and covering receivers and we're still on a track towards Atlanta.

Three weeks ago we were touting how grown our football was. This Saturday we find out if that is a fact of life as well. Y'all have a great Monday and don't let the weather soak your second helping.


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MrsBernie said...

Agreed-- preach it honey! I have ZERO tolerance for that lazy couple that sat in front of us that didn't stand, much less clap for the amazing Olympians. If they should be so lucky as to sit in front of me again- they're gonna get an earful of barking or a coke in their laps!....Oops so sorry y'all- I got so excited jumping outta my seat, I inadvertently spilled my coca cola:)