Monday, October 1, 2012

Nailing the coffin shut

I wasn't [edit] willing to harp on the offense after Saturday night's fifth straight 40+ point performance, but Coach Richt found the words.
Georgia has put up 40 or more points five straight games, including 51 against Tennessee Saturday, but Richt wasn’t pleased with how Georgia couldn’t get first downs when it needed to in the fourth quarter.
“We just really haven’t done a good job of that in recent memory,” he said. “It’s not like we didn’t have a plan. We had a plan. It just wasn’t good enough. We didn’t knock out a first down when we needed it the most to try to take as much drama out of it at the very end.”
It worked out in the end. But sounds like Richt could use less drama. And I know about 92,000 fans that would agree with that.


Bulldawg Bill said...

Please, someone tell Bobo everyone we will play has figured out the tailback toss up the middle. We really fooled 'em with that one when the chips were down!

Dawgfaithful said...

Hey Bulldawg Bill,
It's not a toss up the middle. It's an off-tackle run. Considering that you can't distinguish between the two maybe you should leave the play calling to the guy that's piloting the highest scoring offense in the SEC. In case you hadn't noticed we're leading the SEC in YPC as well. As you so studiously pointed out, we've run that play a lot. Seems to me it's working out pretty well. In your expert opinion, from the your vantage point of fat ass glued to couch, what run should we be calling to improve on what we've done in the run game already this year?

Fedup said...

I don't know about y'all but why did we stop playing outta the Pistol. It was working extremely well when we used it. I don't remember seeing it at all against Tennessee. Also the turnovers by the offense have got to stop. We won't win in Columbia if we keep gift wrapping points for the opposition. Highly disappointed with the D. At this rate the D will be lucky to be in the top 25 in defense by the end of the season. If we play like this next week we will lose. To win this game we must stop the run both Latty and Shaw, win the turnover battle, and find a way to block Clowney and their other end. Otherwise it will be just another Mark Richt era letdown. We have the talent and should win this game. Here's to hoping the D has things worked out and the O can protect the ball and special teams can maintain good field postion.

Go Dawgs!