Friday, October 12, 2012

Ray Drew waiting on his chance

With his hand in the dirt, Drew waits to make his own impact.
Drew is playing a different position this season, albeit the transitions he’s made are from very comparable spots. As a senior at Thomasville, Drew played defensive end before coming to Athens last fall with the knowledge that he’d begin as an outside linebacker. Now in his second year at Georgia, the sophomore is back on the defensive line, where he feels most comfortable.
“Now I’m back playing defensive end, which is pretty much what I’m used to,” Drew said. “It’s what I played in high school so it wasn’t a big transition. They both kind of complement one another here (in Georgia’s 3-4) — defensive end play with the outside linebacker and vise versa.”
As the 2012 campaign turns the page and looks ahead to the second half, Drew said he hopes to continue to earn playing time. He notes, however, that his involvement will stem from many circumstance — personnel, injuries, and opposition.
“Each week it depends on the team we’re playing, the players they have and how much depth we have in our arsenal,” Drew said. “There are a bunch of variables that go in to deciding that. It’s hard to say how it goes each week, but it’s pretty much based on what we have and what we’re looking forward to playing.”

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