Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sakerlina - what to look for

If my phone battery allows I'll try and post some pics/vids from the scene today. It is supposed to be in the upper 80s as far as temperature, so it'll feel more like a hot day on planet Earth and less like the 9th circle of Hell. But regardless, here's what I'm looking for once toe meets leather.
  • How often is Shawn Williams in the box. I expect Grantham to go man coverage on the outside and use our hard hitting safety as an extra brick in the wall against Lattimore. Their all-star running back looked good last week, but I still don't believe he's proven himself to be the same bruising difference maker after last season's injury. Stop Lattimore...more specifically, hold him closer to 100 rather than 200 yards and this one is more than winnable.
  • Clean football, or at least not filthy. I'm sure Murray will take some shots. I know Gurshall will be hit like they have yet to experience before. Taking a sack is okay. A run for no gain or even a loss is fine. We just can't shoot ourselves in the foot like last year and turn a bad situation into a nightmare. Protect the ball, live to see the next down. With our rushing attack and our down field targets, the plays we need will come if we're patient enough.
  • Position the field to our advantage. Special teams weren't a train wreck last week, but it was as close as you want to get to the sheer carnage of one. Both Gurley and Malcolm were just trying to make a play, but in this game field position is key. Historically you can't get away with miscues like that. One botched return may not seem like much. But there's a huge difference in beginning a drive from outside the 10 as opposed to inside the one.
  • Rise to the occasion. This isn't unchartered water for Coach Richt. But his task for this game is to get his team focus on what they control - the outcome. Georgia is more talented. But we've seen a team of talent lose sight of what is within their grasp when the bright lights come on.

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