Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Thoughts - escaping Kentucky

I'm off towards important business here soon, so this will be brief. Y'all have a great Sunday.

  • Much like with Carolina when I said sometimes it's not just losing but the way in which you lose, in Lexington sometimes it's the way in which you win.
  • Thank the good Lord for Connor Norman. Whew.
  • Congrats to Aaron Murray on a record night. He helped both King and Mitchell to record nights as well.
  • Other than Norman's save on the onside kick, special teams continue to be a three ring circus.
  • One question for Bobo: where'd the pistol go?
  • One question for Grantham: why are we even pretending to defend the pass when their quarterbacks have an anemic 37% completion percentage and a 56 passer rating?
  • And is it just me or is our run defense better when Kwame is playing?

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AthensHomerDawg said...

Pesky walk ons ought to know their place and let the stars run the show.