Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Thoughts - the Jarvis hates gators edition

A few thoughts before I hit the road and lose cell signal along I-16.

- I'm sure y'all have noticed, but winning in Jacksonville is soooo much better than losing. Assuming he even went to sleep, Richt is waking up a very happy man.
- Defense was lights out. Incredible performance. Very aggressive (lost track of how many Florida players were helped off the field) and continually dictated the play.
- When I cast my ballot next week it'll have Shawn Williams' name on it.
- Nice to see Gurley rush like a grown ass man. And nice to see the pistol back in the playbook.
- Although Murray kept finding ways to keep Florida in it, Bobo had faith in him. Challenging their man to man coverage along the far sideline took chunks of yards at first then paid one huge dividend.
- Muschamp might be a big fat O-fer in Jacksonville, but he knows that you can't give the ball away that many times and win.
- But as usual, the game was won in the trenches. Offensive line had a great game and the defensive front set the edge and disrupted their backfield about as many times as the ball was snapped.
- All that being said, I'll admit that under 10 minutes left I really thought we'd find a way to lose. That's just the way things usually roll in Jacksonville.

But not this year. When Richt's team needed a win most, they got after it for sixty minutes. Go Dawgs!

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