Monday, October 29, 2012

Taking a stand

I'm still absorbing everything from Saturday. Started re-watching the game some last night. Glad to see the tension and emotion was just as apparent through the tv screen as it was in the stands.

What I'm most proud of is how relentless the team played as a whole. I attribute some of that to Shawn Williams' week in the news, but it also had the feeling of getting that whole Columbia SC mess off their backs. Not just that, but that is where the tension really started to build. And evidently Cornelius Washington gave quite the speech to the team as well. But regardless of where that energy came from, I was proud to see where it went - sixty minutes of unbridled rage against our mortal enemy.

And while catching up with the family yesterday left me little time to set up any posts so far for the week, I did want to share something with you. It's always pretty cool to get recognized. And my quick post from Athens Homer Dawg's Red and Black photo the other day evidently spread fairly wide across some message boards and such. So much so that a paper from Florida asked to use it. The exchange went something like this:
Tampa Bay Times rep - We would be interested in using the photo of the full page UF ad that ran in the Georgia paper - the one in this post:

Did you make the photo?

If so, would it be ok for us to use it in tomorrow's paper?
Bernie - Kindly eff off sir. I am a Dawg, in the business of hunkering down. 
Getting a link in a market that big would've been pretty cool. But taking a stand felt like the right thing to do at the time. And seeing my team play the next day only reaffirmed that it was the right and proper decision.

Go Dawgs!


Post note - there's been some interest of taking out a "response" type ad in the Florida student newspaper. To make it just as significant would be pricey. But I sent an inquiry just to see if there would be space available there like there was at the R&B. No reply as of this posting....take that for what you will.


ucheedawg said...

You're a DGD Bernie. And if you wanted to take out an ad in the UF paper, we'd be happy to support you.

AthensHomerDawg said...

Thanks for the h/t Bernie. Pic credit all goes to my youngest son Ben.
After defending the student fan here on your blog he was totally
dismayed that his own student paper would sell out to the Gator Cause
and said as much to me. Yours was a great response to the big time
paper. We are not easily bought. Well some us. I like the idea of taking
out a full page ad. If not in Florida maybe here. Wonder what a full
page ad in the Red and Black is worth? Certainly a lot more than what
the Gator Nation paid to buy a piece of our paper. Vineyarddawg has
agreed to take the Red and Black staff to task. Will be fun to watch.