Thursday, October 25, 2012

The NEW Vandy Tailgate Video

If you can get past my drunken Drive By Truckers "sing-a-long", this Vandy tailgate footage is almost as much fun to watch as the actual game.

All of the predictions were confident, even if they ended up being not nearly confident enough. Jarvis fell a little short of Matt's 2.5 sack prediction, but that was bold as well. Helped set the tone.

And kudos to Mike for being the only one in his group brave enough to stand in front of the camera. Unfortunately, he can no longer run for public office. But that's the price you pay I guess. Welcome to the club.

- - - - - - - 

Thanks to Nama for finally getting this out. And thanks to La Jolla for lighting a fire under him.

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Russell Sauve said...

1) Bonus: the background music matched each interviewee.
2) The beer can as a mic prop. +1
3) Corn Hole is bocce ball adapted for the tailgating environment. It's still about getting closest to the target but eliminating all of the rolling BS.
4) My favorite college professor said; "You can be easy or you can be cheap. Just don't be both at the ame time."