Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Two additional ingredients

I neglected two things yesterday in the meatloaf. First and foremost, I enjoyed this post by Streit on looking back at the 2002 game with a "shoe on the other foot" type philosophy.
Jump to today.  Florida is in its second season under Will Muschamp and are undefeated.  They have a strong defense led by veterans Omar Hunter and Matt Elam.  This offense is playing well, with senior running back Mike Gillislee carrying the load and Jeff Driskel quickly improving.  They are ranked near the top of the BCS standings and looking to reassert themselves on the national stage.  Sound familiar?
Secondly, I have been asked by my friends on St. Simons Island to pass along a message. If you're one of the persons that always trashes up their beach on the Friday before the Cocktail Party, please dispose of your waste. Take it away Buddy:
Please remind all the nice people gathering on the beautiful sands of St. Simons Island to clean up their party mess. There is nothing worse than Nerds and Allbern fans giving me crap about how our beach gets trashed every GA/FL.
C'mon people. Do you really want to cause our fellow Dawg fans to have to answer to Nerds and Barners? Do the right thing and don't be a slob.

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