Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Antonym of "insanity"

Mark Richt came to Athens and "knocked the lid" off the football program. He gave us epic, era defining wins and lifted the DawgNation up into the national picture. But during his 12 year tenure, most of us have gone on record more than once that Mark Richt is stubborn, set in his ways. "He held onto Coach Van too long before reorganizing." "He held Coach Martinez's hand too long as well."

But his coaching and his personality is on the brink of knocking a whole other lid off the program. He has helped put his team in position to win one big game for a chance at all the CFB marbles. And if that happens, it might come down to two decisions involving the media this season.
  1. Shawn Williams' defensive dress down. Something was rotten in Denmark, and #36 sniffed it out and put it on notice. Since that cleverly designed moment in front of the media, Williams' counterparts have played lights out. The defense kept Florida out of the endzone, beat Ole Miss and Georgia Southern with dominating efforts, and absolutely crushed in-state rival Tech. Also since the Kentucky game Georgia has been +9 in turnover margin with 10 fumble recoveries (including four against Florida alone) and five interceptions.
  2. Aaron Murray's silence speaking volumes. The Georgia quarterback is one of the most successful in SEC history, amassing yards and touchdowns as if they grow on trees. But he still lacks that signature moment. And he knows this better than anyone. Instead of going through the same motions in front of all the cameras and tape recorders this week (easily triple that of any ordinary week before the WLOCP) he is leading by example. He's showing his teammates that he's focused on one thing only...beating Alabama.
Two small examples of just doing something different, or two large steps away from continually doing something that wasn't working in the first place? Saturday will provide the real answer. For right now, simply applaud two damn good Dawgs for leading off the field and on it. And their coach for providing the opportunity to do so.


Ath said...

At the end of the UGa/ Floriduh game...I thought the TD pitch and catch with MM with the D blitz in his face was pretty awesome.

Bernie said...

One of the biggest throws of his career. And consequently, one of the biggest plays of the season.