Saturday, November 10, 2012

Auburn's dumpster fire - what to look for

The key question for Auburn today is this: do the players truly believe in their coaches? Chizik (and staff) has been a dead man walking for about a month. Unless I'm mistaken though, it wasn't until this week that "real" rumors started to circulate about an actual search to replace him. (And kudos btw to the Auburn brass for not conducting said search in the dark of night on a Louisville tarmac.)

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- So, do the Auburn players actually try and win the game? They're completely out-matched. Seriously, it's amazing how far they've fallen talent-wise in just two years. The only way they win this game is if they are completely invested in it. Which is a tall task for a 2-7 (0-6) SEC team.
- Actually, the only way Auburn wins this game is if we let them win it. Georgia's biggest key is to come out quick and take the crowd out of it. Once the Auburn fans are sitting on their hands, their team will follow suit.
- Auburn's run defense is terrible. Can Gurley get the 143 yards he needs to eclipse 1000 yards for the season? And I'd really like to see Keith Marshall get back into September form with a couple big runs. Tonight he should be able to get to that second level that he's missed the last few games. Once he gets into that amount of space, he's almost as good as gone.
- Get well on special teams. We've made some baby steps in PATs, kickoff coverage, punt coverage as well as our return game. But it's still an uneasy feeling whenever we prepare for any kind of kick. Time to nail these down before the stretch run towards the finish line.
- Protect the football. Again...protect the football.

Other than that, I'll be looking for expressions of sheer agony on the faces of Chizik and Trooper. It's the kind of thing that should stir quite well into my glass of bourbon.

Go Dawgs!

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