Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bigger role(s) for Conley

Of course I knew his role would be expanding on the field with the injuries to Brown and Bennett. But I wasn't aware the dude was bad, and nationwide:

Conley has a larger role for the Georgia offense as the top slot receiver now that Marlon Brown and Michael Bennett are lost with torn ACLs, but the sophomore already had plenty on his plate.
Not only does he represent the Southeastern Conference on that 31-person NCAA advisory committee, but he’s the only player on the 24-person NCAA Football Issues Committee, which is designed to recommend policies and procedures in the best interest of student-athletes like the new kickoff and loss-of-helmet rules that took effect this season.
“He always has been very impressive and is someone that certainly exemplifies everything that a University of Georgia student-athlete would like to become,” said Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity, also is in his first year on the football issues committee. “By going to practice and passing these young kids in the hallway, you learn to know who they are but you learn much more about them when they are involved. …He’s very popular, he’s very involved and he really gets the big picture.”
And if you didn't catch that earlier reference, here's a bearded melody for your morning coffee.

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