Monday, November 5, 2012

Brown ends career on a high note

On what may have been his best game, and undoubtedly during what was his best season while in Athens, Marlon Brown was lost for the year against Ole Miss.
“His career at Georgia is over,” Richt said. “We’re expecting a full recovery. That’s just an injury that people recover from well. We know he’ll continue on with his pro career. I think he was well on his way for having that happen for him.”
via Dawgbone
Brown, a 6-foot-5, 222-pound Memphis native, will undergo surgery.
“We’re very sad and sorry that it happened for Marlon and for Georgia,” Richt said. “He’ll recover. He’ll do fine. It’s just a hard thing to swallow right now.”
Brown set career highs this season with 27 catches for 469 yards and four touchdowns. He had three catches for 113 yards in the 37-10 win against Ole Miss, including a 66-yard touchdown from Aaron Murray.
There has been a lot of discussion as to how exactly the knee was injured and whether an Ole Miss defender twisted it maliciously after the tackle. I haven't seen anything definitive. I will say that on the play the tackle didn't seem to jar his knee in a way which one would expect to lead to this type of injury. As he walked off I initially thought it would be a deep thigh bruise or something relatively innocuous.

Regardless, Marlon's career at Georgia ends on a three catch, 113 yard performance during a season where he was finally standing out as the difference maker we had come to expect. Damn good Dawg! Wish him the best in his recovery and hopefully a pro career that picks up where this season left off.

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