Thursday, November 8, 2012

Flashback - "Look at the Sugar falling out of the sky!"

Too often it seems, if we are going to achieve any type of SEC honor, it must be earned on the plains against Auburn. That will be the case on Saturday, just as it was in 1982 as top ranked Georgia and Herschel Walker squared off against Auburn and Bo Jackson.

Remembered for Munson's call, but also in that it propelled our star tailback to the front of the Heisman voting line as well as Georgia into the Sugar Bowl. To honor the coach, the team carried Dooley off the field. Meanwhile Munson got a faceful of bourbon. And yet he seemed honored by the sentiment.

Glory Glory!

h/t Dawg19

Jeff Sanchez's celebration after breaking up the Campbell pass in the endzone is classic. That is what it must feel like to have sugar rain down on you in Opelika. Hopefully our guys can achieve a similar result Saturday night. Go Dawgs!

Also, if you'd like to see the complete game replay Dawg19 has that uploaded as well.

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