Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Focus...but with one eye on the scoreboard

I read the headline to this story by Paschall on the players looking at the teams ahead of them in the BCS and prepared for my blood pressure to start to rise. The last thing the Dawgs need is to get ahead of themselves in thinking about greener pastures when difficult and tenacious opponents are 'tween the hedges the next two weekends.
"We got out of the locker room after the Ole Miss game, and we were all just sitting there," linebacker Christian Robinson said Tuesday. "No one left because we were all watching Notre Dame [top Pittsburgh in triple overtime]. Everybody in the nation knows we're cheering for other teams, because at this point it's the only way we would have a chance of getting in."
They're kids/young men and are attempting to garner more of the national spotlight. That's kind of long as the focus only shifts after the game. Or like Aaron Murray says:
"I'm definitely going to be watching the Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame matchups the next three weeks to see if two of them will lose," Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray said. "It definitely excites our guys. There is nothing wrong with thinking big and dreaming big as long as we make sure we focus on the next two weeks and finish the regular season strong."
Yes, finish strong and the stakes rise significantly. Especially if that scoreboard watching provides us with a couple upsets. Then the SEC Championship game could be the play-in game that Georgia and Alabama are hoping for on December 1st.


JMonty said...

How could you possibly expect them not to pay attention to that stuff. That WAS and IS the goal of the season. Them hoping for a chance to play for the big one doesn't make them unprepared. It's not like they are gunna be looking at the scoreboard at practice or while playing the game. They're just hoping for a dream to come true.

Bernie said...

Well, that's pretty much my point. Except that I bet when the opportunity arose some players would sneak a peak at the scoreboard.

Just like we do.