Saturday, November 17, 2012

GSU - what to look for

Early kickoff to this one. So let's get to it and then head towards Athens!
  • Special teams. First thing we must do in special teams is protect well on each punt. One thing that could really complicate things today is giving up easy yards and/or points. Secondarily, and on a more global scale, it would be nice to continue to see progress in all areas of the kicking game. Morgan seems to have gotten a good rhythm and Barber is really getting a good foot into the ball. The only thing that didn't really take a step forward the last couple weeks is the return game. Would love to see McGowan take one to the house today.
Just don't try this eh?

  • Line of scrimmage. The offensive line should be able to get some confidence today while the defensive line will have their hands full. Keeping them in long yardage situations is key and that starts with the defensive front.
  • Rushing yardage. Can we keep up with them on the ground? I think that we can. I'm guessing the offensive game plan will be to run the ball...a lot! Keep the clock moving and pass enough to keep them honest.
Should be a beautiful day in Athens. Hope y'all have a great day!

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