Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hate week - nerdasm

This has become a yearly traditionIf a picture says a thousand words, this one is filled up with nerdasm.
  • We date members of the opposite sex. They game and have epic tickle piles.
  • We win division banners and earn a trip to the conference title game. They back in with a 6-5 record.
  • We have the best damn mascot in sports. They blow up a huge bee and stick it in a corner.
  • We have a stadium that is sold out seven Saturdays a season. They have a stadium that sells out once every two years, with or without the Mayans intervening.
  • We play teams like Georgia Southern to prepare for their cute little offense. They lose to Middle Tennessee State and fire their defensive coordinator (term used loosely).
  • We sneak bourbon past the gates to a football game on weekends. They ride trikes...competitively.
  • Our classes and dorms have girls. Their classes and dorms have blow up dolls.
  • Our cheerleaders get guest spots on morning television. They rent girls with pom poms to dress up and cheer on literally hundreds of fans each Saturday.
  • Our student body parties any day that ends in Y. Their student body gets dizzy on Mountain Dew and does shit like this...


Early Cuyler said...

Nice post Bernie. Check out Tech Fan Tuesday on


GATA Dawgs said...

...and the official tech version - http://i.imgur.com/XAAlg.jpg