Thursday, November 29, 2012

Head coach musical chairs

First off, don't worry about Coach Grantham and any rumors at this point in the game. I can confirm that Mrs. G is very happy in Athens. If you think he's uprooting his posse for a gig in Raleigh you're crazy. Now, if he gets a crack at Notre Dame's offensive juggernaut... then that's a different story.

Meanwhile, Kentucky's head gig has been sealed up. But we're just getting started. Landscape has changed dramatically since the last time we did this. Probably will again before I even click publish. Here are some thoughts.

Auburn. A lot is in play here. Jimbo Fisher has been mentioned, along with many others. But it seems to me this will end up being the right fit between a man who's desperate enough and a program that needs anything north of John L. Smith a warm body. Even though Trooper and Luper have taken their show Brink's truck and magic transcription pens back on the road, there is still plenty of heavy clouds over Opelika. (sidenote: if you're an Auburn recruit and are interested in players rewards cards, just click here and ask for the Trooper Towel discount.)

I think Petrino is the best match. Both can give desperation a nice hug.

Tennessee. John Gruden is the power play, complete with coon skin and part ownership of some semi-pro team up in South Canadia. So let's weigh this one out shall we? Nice gig behind a microphone while waiting on Miami to open up, or spend the Winter talking to a bunch of dipshits and the Fall driving their kids on the short bus to games? Hmmm...still a pipedream. Even with the homemade possum pork rinds.

Also some rumors about a possible "hot coordinator" taking this one. But that's a road the hillbillys have been down already. So give names like Kirby Smart and Chad Morris the most casual of glances here. They smell to me like the perfect fit for someone such as Butch Jones or maybe Malzahn. They'll interview Charlie Strong I bet, but they lack the IQ score to offer him.

Arkansas. Lesticles? In Fayetteville? Even Gary Patterson makes more sense. But no, I think either Malzahn or Charlie Strong is the fit here.

Tech. Coach Turkey Neck gets a six year extension for winning the ACC championship this Saturday in front of 6,000 FSU fans and a Georgia Tech couple that recently relocated to Charlotte.

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